The 2010 ICFP Programming Contest was organised by Fakultät Informatik, Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften at the Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur, located in the city of Leipzig, Germany.


The contest is over. It ran from June 18–21.

The task description was published at 12:00 noon GMT on June 18. The contest endeD 72 hours later.

There was a lightning division for submissions in the first 24 hours.

URL directory


During the contest, you can write and run software on your computer. You may use any programming language, operating system, and computational resources at your disposal.

You also have to download and upload some data from/to our server several times. (That is, you need an internet connection.)

At the end of the lightning and of the main division, respectively, some teams will be requested to upload their source code, within the next three hours, for further inspection by the contest judges.


This is an open contest. There is no entry fee or need to pre-register. Participants may work from any location. Participants may form teams.

A team consists of every person who contributes ideas or code towards a submission. Individuals may only be member of a single team and teams may not divide or collaborate with each other once the contest has begun.

Teams may have any number of members.

Teams with members from the faculty, students, or staff of HTWK Leipzig are not eligible for any of the Prizes.


There will be prizes for the winner of the lightning round and for the first place winner in the contest. There will also be a judges' prize, to be awarded at our discretion.

The names of the prize winners will be announced during ICFP 2010.

The prizes are as follows:

  • First place team: $1000.00
  • Lightning round team: $500.00
  • Judges' prize team: $500.00

In addition, the organizers will declare during the conference that:

  • The first place team's language is the programming language of choice for discriminating hackers,
  • the second place team's language is a fine tool for many applications,
  • the lightning division team's language is very suitable for rapid prototyping,
  • and the team winning the judge's prize is an extremely cool bunch of hackers.